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Manual Chiropractic Treatments

Tailored hands-on adjustments and mobilization to reduce pain and optimize your performance

Manual treatments involve the use of your chiropractor’s hands or small instruments to improve your body’s physical function

By applying low levels of force or using gentle movements, manual chiropractic techniques are used to treat a wide variety of joint, muscle, and other soft tissue problems. This type of treatment can be performed in a variety of ways depending on your condition, pain level, age, and general preferences.

chiropractic adjustments

No two treatments are exactly alike. We customize each based on your history, examination, diagnosis, and your preference of technique. With that in mind, there are a few techniques we use frequently:

Diversified Adjustments

A treatment method where we apply a fast, low force thrust to the affected joint or area to restore function.

Adjusting Instrument

A technique that involves using a mechanical instrument that sends gentle pulses to the affected joints.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Similar to massage therapy, soft tissue therapy is used to warm up the muscles in preparation for the adjustment and stretch out affected tissue.

Flexion/Distraction Table

These are mechanical tables that gently stretch and reduce pressure in the lower back.

Drop Table

These specialized table pieces utilize your body weight to provide a gentle adjustment without a popping sound.

What does an adjustment feel like?

The adjustment is a quick, shallow thrust over the restricted or locked spinal joint. The adjustment generally doesn’t cause any discomfort. Most patients will feel a release of tension almost immediately as the joint is released. Occasionally, soft tissue therapy combined with an adjustment causes mild discomfort that kind of feels like you did a hard workout. We always prioritize your comfort level and will modify your treatment to cater to your comfort level.

What is the cracking sound and do I have to get cracked?

Some chiropractic adjustments cause a cracking sound. This happens because, when a joint is adjusted, there is a release of gas pressure which can cause a cavitation or “pop”. The purpose of an adjustment is to normalize the movement and alignment of the joint and stimulate the nervous system.


If we determine chiropractic adjustments would benefit you, we will recommend it as part of your treatment plan. If you prefer, we can use other effective techniques (like mobilizations, instrument adjusting and/or stretching) that don’t involve cracking or popping.