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Fuelled by a passion for health and movement, a dedication to community, and prioritization of education and safety.

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Dr. John Joseph Coleshaw


Dr. Kaely Cronk


Dr. Doug Price

We stand for

patient-centered and evidence-based care.

Education is Power

we provide you with information and education on your specific health condition and treatments. The more you know about your treatment and body, the better the outcomes.

Collaboration is Key

We openly collaborate and/or refer to other healthcare professionals to ensure you are getting the comprehensive care you need.

Never Stop Learning

We are committed to keeping up to date on the latest research and developments in our field to deliver the most effective, current, and research-based care.

Meet the leaders in neuroskeletal health care

Dr. Richard Cronk, Dr. Sandra Jensen, and Dr. Joshua West have been working together since 2000 to create a skilled, caring team that is dedicated to patient-centred health care. In 2019, Dr. Sarah Shepherd joined our chiropractic team with the same vision in mind. Since then, our team has continued to grow with the addition of our Massage and Athletic therapists to complement your chiropractic treatments.

Helping you feel
like yourself again

Our goal is to help you relieve pain, restore mobility, and return to life. By offering the highest standard of care and prioritizing patient safety, we want to help you reach and exceed your health goals.


As chiropractic doctors, we have the most extensive training in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions among medical professions. Our expertise in diagnosis, management, and treatments allows our patients to get back to doing what they love.